NEWS BRIEF: Enbridge has Completed its $4.3 Billion Acquisition of Questar Gas from Dominion Energy

Enbridge and Dominion Energy originally announced this three-part acquisition/sale on 5 September 2023.

NEWS BRIEF:  Enbridge has Completed its $4.3 Billion Acquisition of Questar Gas from Dominion Energy
Photo of an Enbridge worker downloaded from the company website 03 June 2024.

Calgary, Alberta-based Enbridge (NYSE:ENB) has completed its $4.3 billion acquisition of Questar Gas from Richmond, Virginia-based Dominion Energy.

According to the Enbridge news release, "The Questar Gas utility will be doing business in Utah as Enbridge Gas Utah ... (and) will join Enbridge's Gas Distribution and Storage Business Unit."

As noted in our September 2023 write-up — "Dominion Energy Agrees to Sell Questar to Enbridge for $4.3 Billion" — with the acquisition, Enbridge

"... will become the largest, by volume, gas utility business in North America after the close of the acquisitions, with delivery of ~9 billion cubic feet of gas per day (Bcf/d) to approximately 7 million customers."

As noted in Enbridge's 5 September 2023 investor presentation after it announced its forthcoming acquisition of three separate businesses from Dominion Energy (including Questar Gas), Enbridge explained that (at the time) Questar

  • Served ~1.2 million customers,
  • By distributing natural gas via 21,000 miles of transmission, gathering and distribution pipelines in
    — Utah (~97% of rate base),
    — Southwestern Wyoming (~3%), and
    — a small portion of Southeastern Idaho.

Additionally, Enbridge noted in its September 2023 presentation that

"Utah (had) passed a law in 2021 prohibiting bans on natural gas"

The investor presentation also included a graphic (shown below) to highlight the general distribution footprint of Questar Gas.

Questar Gas distribution region as shown in the Enbridge investor presentation of 05 September 2023, with illustration downloaded the same day.

After explaining about the new names Enbridge would begin using for Questar Gas in its different regions, Andrea Stass, Manager, External Communications and Media Relations for Enbridge, wrote via email that

"While the names are changing, for now, it’s business as usual. There are no changes to customer rates, services, how gas is supplied or how customers interact with the local utility."

Stass added that Enbridge would naturally deploy the Enbridge logo

  • "... on our service vehicles,
  • " employee uniforms and ID badges,
  • "buildings, and
  • "customer bills."

She also wrote that "We’ll be sure to provide plenty of advance notice and information about any planned changes to customers," while also adding that

"Our goal is to make the transition as easy and seamless as possible for customers."


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