About Utah Money Watch

About Utah Money Watch

With a soft launch in April 2023, Utah Money Watch was born from a desire to serve Utah's citizens, organizations, and friends of the state.

As such, Utah Money Watch provides breaking news, analysis, and insights on all aspects of the state of Utah, but does so as viewed through a lens of monetary context, impact, and perspective.

Initial market segments where we will focus our attention are

  • Education;
  • Energy;
  • Finance;
  • Food;
  • Government;
  • Health;
  • Property;
  • Sales+Marketing;
  • Services;
  • Technology;
  • TORA (an acronym for Travel, Outdoor, Recreation, and Athletics); and last but not least
  • Miscellaneous (a catch-all category for every other industry segment that doesn't easily fit within 1 of the 11 noted above, from Clothing to Media and from Transportation to Anything Else).

Today, Utah Money Watch is officially "live."

So if you benefit from what you read and learn via Utah Money Watch, we invite you to subscribe FOR FREE by clicking on the Subscribe Button on any page within the website.

Additionally, if you have a story idea or a breaking news tip, we'd love to hear from you ... as long as there is a monetary and/or financial aspect to your pitch.

That said, to reach us, please email David Politis at David.Politis@UtahMoneyWatch.com. Thanks.