West Valley City's 3form has been Acquired for $95 Million by Armstrong World Industries

Launched in 2002, 3form generated nearly $96 million in revenue in 2023 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunter Douglas Group.

West Valley City's 3form has been Acquired for $95 Million by Armstrong World Industries
3form website "Hero" image highlighting one of its resin-based products. Photo downloaded from the company website 03 May 2024.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based Armstrong World Industries (NYSE:
AWI) has acquired West Valley City, Utah-based 3form for $95 million from Hunter Douglas Group.

Armstrong funded the acquisition with its revolving line of credit.

According to Armstrong's Form 8-K filing this week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,

"3form (is) a leading designer and manufacturer of sustainably crafted architectural resin and glass products used for ceilings, walls and other applications."

3form was launched in 2002 and acquired by Hunter Douglas in 2007, where it has been a wholly owned subsidiary.

In describing 3form and the value it adds to Armstrong World Industries, Vic Grizzle, Armstrong's President and CEO said,

3form is a well-established leader in architectural resins and high-performance glass and adds exciting, new complementary materials and design capabilities to our Architectural Specialties portfolio. Together, we can provide even more unique solutions that deliver on a designer’s boldest creative expression for a wide range of spaces.
“With 3form’s deep capabilities in design, color, texture and sustainability, this acquisition meaningfully expands the unique, specifiable solutions we can provide architects and designers and increases our ability to sell more products into more spaces.”

According to the news release announcing the acquisition, when acquired, 3form had three production and design facilities, and generated approximately $96 million in revenue in 2023 through its close to 390 employees.


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