NEWS BRIEF: Lehi, Utah-based LegalTech Firm, Hona, Closes a $9.5 Million Round of Series A Funding

NEWS BRIEF:  Lehi, Utah-based LegalTech Firm, Hona, Closes a $9.5 Million Round of Series A Funding
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm and downloaded from Unsplash on 17 May 2024.

Lehi, Utah-based Hona has raised $9.5 million in a Series A round of funding that was "... led by Costanoa Ventures with participation from Ludlow Ventures, Soma Capital and Y Combinator."

As noted in its funding news release,

Hona is "... dedicated to revolutionizing client communication (for law firms) by automating updates, data collection and communication processes."

As previously reported by Law Sites, as the previously named Milestones, Hona closed a $2.1 million Seed Round of funding in July 2023 from three investors — Y Combinator, Ludlow Ventures, and Soma Capital (each of which participated in the Series A funding announced yesterday, Monday, 17 June 2024).

[NOTE: Law Sites also reported that Hona/Milestones had raised $500,000 in a Pre-Seed round of funding sometime prior to its July 2023 Seed Round closing.]

At the time of the Law Sites article last July, Hona had reached over $1 million in ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue).

Altogether, Hona has now helped over "... 500 law firms and their 300,000 clients across the country track their cases (since the company's founding)."

In fact, Hona says it facilitated more than 1 million law firm text messages to clients in April 2024 alone, most of which were designed to keep clients up-to-date on their respective cases.

According to Manny Griffiths, Hona CEO and Co-Founder,

"It’s not just clients who feel the impact of poor communication during legal proceedings; law firms do too. Our tools already save legal teams an average of 30 hours per month on redundant updates.”

And the primary reason for Hona's launch in 2021?

Griffiths says it was because of the frustrating experience he and his wife had over a two-year period of poor legal communication when supporting her after a car accident.

Hona's solutions are designed to connect directly with/bolt onto a law firm’s case management software to enable attorney's, and support staff, to plan out and produce automated client updates.

Currently, Hona integrates with

  • Assembly Neos,
  • CASEpeer,
  • Clio,
  • Filevine (Salt Lake City, Utah-based),
  • GrowPath,
  • Lawcus,
  • Litify,
  • MyCase,
  • PracticePartner,
  • Salesforce,
  • Smart Advocate, and
  • Zapier.

So ... congrats Team Hona!

And good luck on a go-forward basis.


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