Lehi-based Qualiti Raises $6.5 Million in Seed Round Funding to Support Software Programmers and Developers Everywhere

Lehi-based Qualiti Raises $6.5 Million in Seed Round Funding to Support Software Programmers and Developers Everywhere
Photo by Hack Capital / Unsplash

With its focus on leveraging artificial intelligence to address Quality Assurance challenges with software code, Qualiti says its platform can help developers lower QA costs and time by 34% - automatically and without human intervention.

Can one piece of software literally eliminate over one-third of internal costs?

That's the premise of a relatively new Generative AI software platform developed by Lehi, Utah-based Qualiti, a firm that claims its software test automation solution allows engineering teams to "test any software product without human input" - testing that allows Qualiti to replace

"... up to 34% of a company's engineering budget."

It's that perspective that has helped Qualiti land $6.5 million in Seed Round funding, a funding round led by San Mateo, California-based Sierra Ventures, with participation by Salt Lake City-based EPIC Ventures.

According to the company's news release, Qualiti's software test automation solution "can be set up in just 15 minutes, after which a full test suite will be created without human effort."

Specifically, this solution

  • "... handles all new and ongoing test authoring and maintenance ...
  • "adding new tests,
  • "maintaining existing tests,
  • "triaging results in real-time,
  • "reporting any bugs found," and does so
  • "all without human oversight or time."

In other words, the company claims the Qualiti platform "takes care of (software development Q&A) 100% hands-off."

According to Sierra Ventures' Managing Director, Mark Fernandes,

"Qualiti has an opportunity to disrupt the test automation industry, which is in desperate need of true innovation. The rapid adoption of their solution by developers at very selective companies is evidence that the team has hit a nerve.”

According to the company news release, Qualiti says it is experiencing 340% month-over-month customer growth, which is a pretty significant MoM growth rate, but a growth rate that's clearly tied to the time frame and starting point.

Nevertheless, 340% growth is still 340% growth!

Two points made in the news release by Qualiti's CEO, Peter West, really struck home with me, the ideas that much of what's happening in the artificial intelligence industry today are nothing more than

  1. "wrappers around chat-gpt (sic)" and
  2. "glorified grammar checkers."


Yet in my experience, he is also correct.

West goes on to say:

"It’s about time that AI does the work for us, and Qualiti has made that happen for testing - and we’re the only ones who have truly made that, a truly hands-off no-human-work-needed AI managed solution, happen in testing."

To be clear, it's been a long, long time since I was a freshman in college and learned the hard way the importance of QA on code I had written for my initial Computer Science course.

And, lest there be any mistake about it, I am NOT a software developer/engineer, so I cannot it anyway speak to the validity of what Qualiti is claiming it has built.

However ... if Qualiti truly has created a quick and easy-to-implement tool that delivers what it claims it does, look out! This is going to be a very, very successful company.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  For individuals interested in such things, Jeff Handy, Qualiti's COO, tells me that its software test automation solution currently has over 30 integrations (meaning it works with over 30 software development applications). He said that among the most noted are JIRA, GitHub, GitLab, and Jenkins.