OPINION: The Pac-12 is Brain Dead. All That's Left to do is "Pull the Plug."

OPINION: The Pac-12 is Brain Dead. All That's Left to do is "Pull the Plug."

Realignment rumors in college athletics are out-of-control today, but indications are that the announcements are imminent.

Specifically, expect the following to happen later today:

  1. The University of Arizona and Arizona State University will announce that both are leaving the Pac-12 athletic conference to join the BIG 12 athletic conference with the 2024-2025 season.
  2. Additionally, the University of Oregon and the University of Washington will separately announce that they too will leave the Pac-12, but in their cases it will be to join the BIG 10 athletic conference, also with the 2024-2025 season.

If I am correct, and I am over 98% certain that these moves will happen {and I have a 90% confidence level that they will happen today, versus a 99% confidence level they will happen before this coming Monday}, then the ONLY question I have is what will the University of Utah do concerning its affiliation, if any, with an athletic conference.

I am over 98% certain that the Oregon Ducks, Washington Huskies, Arizona Wildcats, and the ASU Sun Devils will each announce they are leaving the Pac-12 ... today!

This being true, the only question that remains is this:

What happens to the Utah Utes?!?!?!

The Pac-12 is Still on Life Support, but it's a VERY Fluid Situation

At 3pm today, Jason Scheer, Senior Editor/Publisher of Wildcat Authority and Co-Host of the #WildcatScoop PodcastArizona Wildcats' tweeted the following:

Minutes later, 365 Sports livestreamed the following on their show:

Earlier today, multiple sports media outlets carried reports about the impending collapse of the Pac-12 as reporters and analysts chimed-in with their breaking news insights into the departing universities, including

To be clear, these are just a handful of the national college football experts and media outlets tracking this story on a minute-by-minute basis.

But, as "Poppa P" ... IYKYK ... this is gonna happen!!! 💥 💥 💥

The Pac-12 is dead. It just doesn't know it year.

And the Utes?

If I were a betting man, the UofU will be back playing regular home-and-home contests against the BYU Cougars as early as 2024.

You can count on it.