Kinect Capital Welcomes 23 Presenting Companies to this Week's Investor Choice Conference in Salt Lake City

"According to Kinect Capital, its data says that since 2009 Investors Choice alumni firms have raised over $1.2 billion in investment capital while also achieving financial exits of over $10 billion."

Kinect Capital Welcomes 23 Presenting Companies to this Week's Investor Choice Conference in Salt Lake City
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This Wednesday, Kinect Capital will hold its annual Investors Choice conference, which will feature 23 startup companies, each of which will deliver vetted, 10-minute investor presentations in an effort to raise outside capital for their businesses.

{NOTE: An outline of all 23 companies is shared below.]

The theme for Investors Choice 2024 is "The Rising Tide Lifts All Boats," which will be held from 7am to 8pm MT on Wednesday, 24 April 2024 at Venue 6SIX9 in Salt Lake City at 669 So. West Temple Street.

According to Kinect Capital, over 400 individuals have already made reservations to attend the conference this Wednesday.

For those also interested in attending Investors Choice 2024, tickets are $299 and can be purchased here.

UPDATE — 7am MT, 23 April 2024: Kinect Capital just announced that it has "sold out of our original (seating) configuration" for tomorrow's Investors Choice conference. By working with the event facility, it has been able to add an additional 50 seats for the conference at a discount of 50% off the $299 price for those who use the Discount Code, 50More, at checkout at the link immediately above.

A Quick Overview of Investors Choice

This is the 41st year that the Investors Choice event has been produced by the nonprofit formerly known as, or initially, The Wayne Brown Institute.

According to James Kemp, Executive Director of Kinect Capital,

“The Investors Choice event is a testament to the collaborative spirit that drives our entrepreneurial ecosystem. It’s an opportunity to showcase the brilliant minds and ventures that will shape our future. 

In layperson's language, Kinect Capital's purpose is enhancing the entrepreneur's journey for those interested in pursuing and securing outside investment dollars.

“I’ve seen firsthand how Kinect Capital has been a catalyst for growth, bringing together a community that values every voice,” said Marcia Nelson, Managing Director of Freedom Capital Markets and Board of Trustees Chair of Kinect Capital. “The Investors Choice event is a reflection of this ethos, where we come together to support and uplift each other. It’s more than an event; it’s a movement towards a future where every entrepreneur has the opportunity to succeed and contribute to our collective prosperity.”

Additionally, Investors Choice 2024 will feature two keynote speakers:

  • Scott Anderson, Non-Executive Chairman and former President / CEO of Zions Bank, and
  • Robin Huling, Founder of Warner Communication and Chair of Silicon Slopes Women in Leadership.

Each year, startups are invited to apply for review as a potential presenting company for that year's Investors Choice conference, with scores of firms often applying for consideration.

After rigorous screening and vetting, up to two dozen startups are selected by Kinect Capital to participate in the next Investors Choice conference.

This decision puts each startup selected on a multi-month path where they work very closely with a qualified team of business and investment professionals to help them prepare the best investment presentation possible, one that powerfully and succinctly can be delivered in under 10 minutes to a room full of investors looking for their next portfolio company.

{DISCLOSURE: As an investor relations, public relations, and marketing professional who has worked with/assisted over 100 pre- and post-IPO enterprises, I have volunteered my time for over two decades as both a Mentor Team Leader and a Mentor Team Member to assist them in this preparatory process prior to Investors Choice conferences.}

Then, the week before each Investors Choice event, participating startup executives gather at a centrally located venue in Utah to deliver their now polished investor presentation in front of a room full of their peers plus a panel of seasoned judges. This gives each firm, and their presenting executive, a real world / firsthand experience of delivering their presentation in a live setting (with often pointed feedback) prior to the actual event.

Does this process matter? Does it make a difference?

Well ... according to Kinect Capital, its data says that since 2009 Investors Choice alumni firms have raised over $1.2 billion in investment capital while also achieving financial exits of over $10 billion.

The Investors Choice 2024 Presenting Companies

Of the 23 startups participating in this year's Investors Choice event,

  • Fourteen are from Utah,
  • Seven are from other states, namely California (2), Colorado (1), Florida (1), Maryland (1), New York (1), and Oregon (1), and
  • Two are from Canada.

Outlined below in alphabetical order is the list of the 23 startups that are slated to present at the Investors Choice 2024 conference this Wednesday.

  1. Adventure Family Van Builds (St. George, Utah)
  2. Attestiv (Lehi, Utah)
  3. Blendyd Studios (Lehi, Utah)
  4. Diagnostic Ventures (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  5. Duet Partner (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  6. Emission Free Generators (San Diego, California)
  7. FanSaves (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  8. Gosia Genomics (New York, New York)
  9. Hallo (Provo, Utah)
  10. Harmonious Capital Administration (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  11. LASARRUS Clinic and Research Center (Middle River, Maryland)
  12. LoChi Market (Eagle Market, Utah)
  13. Orgmatch (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
  14. Proactive Health (Draper, Utah)
  15. Progressive Plans (Lehi, Utah)
  16. Redress (Miami, Florida)
  17. SheIS Sports Network (Denver, Colorado)
  18. Solution Diagnostics (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  19. Stingray (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  20. Swirl (San Jose, California)
  21. Viewpoint (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  22. Volcanic Retail (Provo, Utah)
  23. Voltaic Marine (Beaverton, Oregon)


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